About Us


Founded in 1997, TechZone is serving Industry through repairing electromechanical devices deemed “not repairable” by anyone other than OEM. We are an organization, which specializes in the repair of a vast range of electronics equipment related to different industries. We offer our clients a cost effective and time saving alternative to OEM repairs. We reverse engineer and develop parts where ever required to solve the problems due to the nature of proprietary equipments/devices in a timely, cost effective manner.

Our teams of experienced technicians and engineers have many years of combined experience in the industrial, medical & laboratory electronic repair field. We have so far served the following Sectors:

  •   Apparel
  •  Knitting
  •  Embroidery
  •   Quilting
  •   Raising
  •  Spinning
  •  Weaving
  •   Machine Tools

We quote repair prices based on the damage to your item. Standard repairs are usually completed 3-4 days after you approve the service order. Due to the nature of work and availability of parts involved, the work time may vary. Rush service is available upon request with a modest additional fee. We do expert electronic repairs and take steps towards preventive maintenance procedures when repairing an item. For example, after the initial repair and replacement of defective components, we examine the surrounding components and circuit sections for stress caused by the original failure. Many times there are components test "good" but our experienced techs know by the type of failure that the components are weakened parts and should be replaced for a thorough repair job. We sometimes replace twice as many "good" components as the failed ones so you get a complete repair. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our repairs carry a comprehensive three months warranty unless otherwise stated. We keep the industries in motion through timely and reliable repair services. We provide quality repair services, so our customers are our best advertisers, who give our good reference to other customers and keep us in business. Please contact us with any question(s) you may have. We look forward to working with you and getting your defective electronic equipment back up and running as fast as possible. Thanks for your interest in our services and visiting our web site. We hope you found the information helpful. Please call us for help with your electronic repair needs.